Wow! I passed the 300,000 hurdle!

Today my site’s 3-months’ Alexa ranking went up to 296,412. Yesterday it was still in the 300 thousands. If I remember correctly the exact figure was 300,066.

My ranking for the Netherlands (the country where I was born and still live, also home of the Dutch language, in which I write more and more of my articles) is now above 3,000, namely 2,821. I remember having seen something like 2,960 the day before.


But I certainly do not live in Klazienaveen, I’ve never even been there, although I was near it several times. It is almost 200 km away from where I live. I don’t live in Amsterdam either, by the way, nor do I plan to ever move there.


Complete article:
Wow! I passed the 300,000 hurdle!

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